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KIMONO scarf. Japanese pattern shawl for women, Ladies made in Japan. "Orange / White / Black"

I am using antique TOMESODE, so it is vintage fabric.
・Brand : Midori Obi Arts
・Country of production : made in Japan
・Material : 100% Kimono silk
・Size : 47.2"×5.9" (120cm×15cm)

"Product features"
TOMESIDE hem pattern worn at weddings is used as the first formal kimono.
The family crest also emphasizes the high tone of design.
The texture of genuine silk is also comfortable, and you can feel as if you were wearing a kimono with just 1 shawl.

The beauty of obi and kimono that Japanese people haven't noticed yet.
The world is already paying attention to its beauty.
The obi and kimono itself is Art!
Now, we have remade the art piece, which is worn less by people, into a shawl that can be used everyday.
Only one thing in the world...

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