Midori International

Jinbei for Children. made in Japan. Midori Yukata "Hemp Leaf & Checkered Patten / 麻の葉市松"


Brand : Midori Obi Arts in Japan
Country of production : made in Japan
Material : Cotton / 100%
Contents : Knee-length shorts & short sleeved jacket

Small : 33~38" (85~95cm) height
Medium : 39~46" (100~115cm) height
Large : 47~53" (120~135cm) height
Double Large : 53~61" (135~155cm) height

JINBEI is a traditional Japanese summer clothing
that wear at festivals and other summer activities.
The top is similar to a Yukata with short sleeves and the bottoms are like shorts.

"Usage notes"
・Wash gently with the washing machine or wash with your hands. Use water lower than 40℃
・Only "Oxygen-containing bleaching composition" can use when you wash this product.
・When you iron, set the iron lower than 150℃
・Be able to do the wet-cleaning.
・Do not use the tumble-drying machine.
・Spread it flat to dry in the shade.

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