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Yukata with sash belt. for Children Kids Girls. made in Japan Midori Yukata "Purple Flower Raft / 紫花筏"


Brand : Midori Obi Arts in Japan
Country of production : made in Japan
Material : (Cotton / 100%) (Sash belt / Polyester 100%) 
Contents : YUKATA with sash belt

・Small : 33~38" (85~95cm) height
             29.5"(75cm) Lengths of a Yukata

・Medium : 39~46" (100~115cm) height
              37.4"(95cm) Lengths of a Yukata

・Large : 47~53" (120~135cm) height
             43.3"(110cm) Lengths of a Yukata

花筏(Hana ikada)
A collage of raft-bound cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums,
peonies, plums, and bamboo floating down a stream…
the hallmark of the Hanai kada (花筏Hana ikada).
The tone of this yukata is very feminine with an otherworldly beauty.

A traditional yukata produced in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Fabric dyeing is also done in Japan, and all are made in Japan.
You can enjoy the feeling of a Japanese inn at home.
Recommended for those who want to experience Japanese culture.  

"Usage notes"
・Wash gently with the washing machine or wash with your hands. Use water lower than 40℃
・Only "Oxygen-containing bleaching composition" can use when you wash this product.
・When you iron, set the iron lower than 150℃ 
・Be able to do the wet-cleaning. 
・Do not use the tumble-drying machine.
・Spread it flat to dry in the shade.

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