The beauty of the Japanese kimono is loved and admired not only in Japan, but in virtually every part of the world.

The traditional obi and kimono are inextricable with Japanese culture, and as such should be perpetuated.

And Midori International is happy to add a new inquiry in the quest to keep them going : why just wear them?

Midori International has reworked them into the variety of goods such as handbags, scarves and cushions, while reinvigorating and introducing them into the foreign repertoire of daily life.

Midori obi and kimono art creations complement any home décor.

And their durability matches their beautyallowing them to be handed down from generation to generation.

Our hope is that this bit of cultural exchange will show the depth, warmth, and versatility of the Japanese heart, and reintroduce Japan in a light the rest of the world can truly appreciate and enjoy.