Midori International observes all laws and ordinances regarding the protection of personal information, and you, valued visitor, can rest assured than any information you provide to Midori International will
remain confidential.,

■Collection and acquisition of personal information
All correspondence that a visitor provides to Midori International will remain safe and confidential. It will not be reused for any other purposes without the visitor's consent.

■Utilization of personal information
Midori International uses personal Information for the following purpose : To send purchased items, contracts, correspondence, and any ordering / purchasing information necessary to make your dealings with Midori International go smoothly.

■Disclosure / Grants to third parties
<Disclosure / Grants to third parties>
Midori International does not disclose any information to a third party without express permission of the visitor.
Disclosure of personal information may occur in following instances :
- when there is consensual agreement between the visitor and Midori International.
- when the visitor agrees that a third party's knowledge of the personal Information is necessary to
 acquire a desired product or service from the third party.
- when official disclosure of the personal information is demanded by law from public institutions such
 as courts of laws or the police.
- when actions of the visitor in any way threaten a right/property/service/the security of Midori

■Deletions/Changes to profile
The visitor can alter any personal information in their Midori International profile provided, for the purposes of correction or update. Such deletions/changes/alterations can be accepted via postal correspondence or e-mail.

Please be advised that if any altered information may hinder communication between the visitor and Midori International, Midori International cannot be held responsible.

■The security of personal information
Midori International takes extensive measures to protect the security of a visitor's personal information, and assure that this information is used according to the intention of the visitor.

■Link to other websites
In the case of other companies linking to Midori International's websites :

Midori International monitors the integrity of its links, but due to the changing states of the internet, Midori International cannot take full responsibility for a link's current state.

Therefore, visitors should investigate the integrity of links before engaging in any dealings with them.