Midori International

Japanese sandals "ZORI" Rubber sandals for Ladies. made in Japan. "Blue"


Brand : Midori Obi Arts in Japan
Country of production : made in Japan
Material : PANAMA & Rubber

・Small : 8.5~9.5" (22~24cm)
          9.2" (23.5cm) Lengths of a Sandals

・Medium : 9.5~10.5" (24~26cm)
          9.8" (25cm) Lengths of a Sandals

・Large : 10.5~11"(26~28cm)
          10.6" (27cm) Lengths of a Sandals

Your Zori "Sandals"
Here's an important consideration when wearing your traditional Japanese zori :

Your zori "Sandals" should be slightly shorter than your actual shoe size, so that your heel extends from the back of the sandal 1~1.5cm.
According to Japanese custom, this will encourage you to shift your weight to the ball (front) of your foot, making walking in your sandals more comfortable.
Of course, judge for yourself. But for hundreds of years, the Japanese have adhered to this custom.
So just give it a try...Please!!

"Zori" is a Japanese Sandals
Traditional Japanese footwear.
It was widely used in Japan until
Western shoes became popular after the MEIJI period.
Nowadays, it is often worn in combination
with YUKATA and KIMONO as footwear in summer.

”Characteristics of PANAMA Products”
It is a material used for summer sandals.
The young leaves of palm-like Uchiwa fan-shaped leaves called
PANAMA leaf are dried, boiled, bleached,
and knitted into small pieces, and besides being made into a base for sandals,
PANAMA hats are also famous.

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