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Wooden Sandals for Children Kids Boys Shoes "HITA GETA" made in Japan. "Blue / Owl"

Brand : Midori Obi Arts in Japan
Country of production : made in Japan
Material : Wooden / Japanese Cedar "HITA GETA"

・Small : 6.4" (16.5cm) / 3-4 Years Old
・Medium : 7" (18cm) / 5-6 Years Old
・Large : 7.6" (19.5cm) / 7-8 Years Old
・Extra Large : 8.2" (21cm) / 9-10 Years Old

Your GETA "Sandals"
Here's an important consideration when wearing your traditional Japanese geta :

Your geta "Sandals" should be slightly shorter than your actual shoe size, so that your heel extends from the back of the sandal 1~1.5cm.
According to Japanese custom, this will encourage you to shift your weight to the ball (front) of your foot, making walking in your sandals more comfortable.
Of course, judge for yourself. But for hundreds of years, the Japanese have adhered to this custom.
So just give it a try...Please!!

"GETA" is a Japanese sandals.
It is said that 90 percent of ordinary households used to wear GETA in the 1955s.
You can see that it was an indispensable part of daily life.
As pavement of roads and leather shoes became commonplace, the lifestyles of Japanese people have changed.
The demand for GETA has greatly decreased.
However, not only when wearing Japanese clothes, but also when a new style of fitting GETA with jeans was established, it became popular again.
Demand from the younger generation and overseas is increasing.
While cherishing the traditions of Japanese, we also consider compatibility with Western styles.
The world of GETA, which is producing new products.
It can be said that it is a Japanese culture that I would like to continue to pay attention to.

"HITA GETA" History
It is a tradition handed down from 1830 to 1844 in Hita City, Oita Prefecture,
one of the three major production areas of GETA.
This is where wisdom and technology that will not fade in modern life, taking into account the human body and the environment of Japan.
Skilled GETA craftsmen in Japan handle all the processes from shaving, molding, painting and completion.

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